■ The law firm's competence focusses mainly on civil law, and peculiarly on commercial and corporate law, banking law, bankruptcy law, real estate, enterprise contract law.

■ Thanks to its close cooperation with “Balestreri & Associati” (a law firm, which specialises in administrative law), Campana Law Firm offers its Clients full support in the civil and administrative fields.

■ Besides, the law firm relies on a wide network of professionals having established experience in criminal law and tax law, so that all its Clients' issues can be fully covered.

■ The law firm has its main premises in the centre of Monza, within walking distance from the Court, and its secondary premises in Milan.

■ Commonly available audio video conference tools ensure direct and dynamic relations with Clients. The law firm studies any updates in the IT field constantly and carefully, in relation to both security / privacy aspects (firewall, back-up and document cryptography) and services to Clients (data-room, informative circular letters).

■ The law firm's Clients are mainly juridical persons that operate in various fields (building and construction, advanced services, manufacture, transport and distribution, etc.). Turnkey consultancy and support are provided to Clients needing a lawyer's constant assistance.